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Suzi - "Why am I a personal trainer?"

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

My name is Suzi, I am 41 years old and mother of 2 awesome teens.

I have recently qualified as a Personal Trainer and I recently joined Gym Geek.

For those who don’t know me, I have always enjoyed leading a healthy lifestyle and working out, but it really all started when I began to lift weights.

Like every other girl out there I was sceptical at first, I thought weightlifting would make me look like a man, I thought doing endless cardio and eating salads was totally the way forward, I wanted to be skinny, how wrong was I?

Once I educated myself on how to get results, on how to fuel my body with nutritional meals and on the art of progressive overload: I felt strong, feminine, and confident.

Reading this, some of you (especially mums) will relate to my story.

Through moving my body, I learned bit by bit, how valuable and important my health was. As I cared for my body, I learned that I was worthy of self-love I used Lockdown to work on myself, I didn’t stick to a diet. I cleaned up my eating and organised what I was eating and when. I just made healthier choices, I managed to figure this out by myself and set a better structure.

There are no giant steps that can get you there, but consistent small steps can

In the beginning, I would weigh myself every morning and obsess over the number I saw. I allowed the number on the scale to impact my mood and even dictate my perceived worth.

I set a goal weight for myself – a number (based on nothing) that I thought would make me happy. I know that this number is not healthy for my frame or height, but I did reach it.

As I continued to progress my fitness, I began weighing myself less frequently. However, my weight began to increase I was frustrated and upset I didn’t understand why my efforts to be healthy were no longer working. I gave myself a much-needed reality check. I was stronger than I’d ever been, and I felt better than I ever had. My clothes fit better and most importantly, I was HEALTHIER mentally, emotionally, and physically I decided to say screw the scale. I stopped weighing myself all together and began to focus on measuring progress by how I felt inside instead.

As I continued my personal journey to empowerment, I studied to become a personal trainer and eventually launched my own Peach Lab page which surprisingly was a success. This was something I could never have imagined when I first started.

Want to train with me? Checkout our Peach Lab program you can come along for a trial week just hit the button below..............

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