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My Gym Geek Journey Sophie

Welcome to our first blog written by one of our Peach Lab and one 2 one members Sophie.

I started my journey with Gym Geek in January. Before this I was always conscious of my weight and would do fad diets that I would stick to for a couple of weeks before going back to my bad habits. Clothes shopping was a big no for me and I would always wear baggy clothing, which in the summer was not comfortable at all. Going to a gym was something that petrified me. However, joining Gym Geek was the best thing I ever did. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. Especially Suzi who without I would still be in a bad mindset with dieting and exercising. I started doing 2 group sessions a week and started to see some good results so I upgraded this to 3 group sessions a week. Although I was seeing results I wanted to push myself even further so upgraded again to personal training with Suzi. Best thing I ever did.

Any plan with Gym Geek includes weight\measurement checks. This really helped motivate me because you can see the results. Food…. Something I’ve always struggled with. The guys at Gym Geek encourage you to eat a normal diet, so no shakes or juices as long as you are in a deficit you can pretty much eat what you want. Perfect for a fussy eater like myself. My progress and food diary is checked weekly and the guys offer advise and guidance and encouragement if you’ve had a bad week. I’m now 2 stone lighter and I’ve entered a powerlifting competition which I would have never even considered if it was not for all the staff at Gym Geek!

Sophie Peach Lab Member

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